Let's start.

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First, with the box.

Every room in your life starts off the same—a simple box. Surrounding you with bare white (sometimes eggshell) walls and ceilings that exhibit very little (if no) style or personality. You think pictures might work or even a mirror to trick the visitor's eye, but after the frames find their nails, you realize the walls are still unwilling to participate, thus leaving those who enter underwhelmed and uninterested.

Unleash your imagination.

With home decor blogs, cable shows and magazines cascading possibilities, you start imagining the potential of every room at every turn. Unique opportunities to enrich and cultivate your child's world, entertain guests in warm, intimate settings or calm the soul in a private bath at day's end. Thinking now that your rooms can be made greater in both impact and purpose.

Draw the line.

As your walls patiently await your direction, you pause for a moment, realizing that this particular art form is unlike any other. Instead, it has purpose. A specific responsibility to evoke moods, expand spaces and capture imaginations. More importantly, it's your house or business. This means artist selection is critical. So you draw the line, realizing your walls are only meant to represent your style and expression — and not there to sponsor a "practice run" or contribute to the "learning curve" of another.

See the value.

Now it's more about measuring an artist in terms of scope, options, talent and nuance. The very things for which Carmen Benoît of Carmen Illustrates is known. Scope in her ability to take on multiple projects in multiple rooms, inside or out. Offering options for custom finishes, textures, characterizations and 3D elements. The talent to not only master decorative finishing, but also specialize in photo-realistic murals. And finally, her approach to nuance, having the sensitivity to enhance the visitor experience through the subtle blending of color palettes and textures to create depth and meaning.

"Why go with Carmen? Because I'm not spending 1.7 (million) on a house to get an artist who isn't the absolute best. That makes no sense to me. In fact, even if the house was 300 thousand. Why? Because my family and I live there." - M. Peck

Expect more.

Expect a wonderful experience working with Carmen. She is a professional whose resume includes extensive work on multimillion-dollar properties, both residential and commercial. More importantly, her work ethic is unmatched, stressing excellent communication, clean working environments, and the importance of being on time, every time.

Now it's your turn.

Rid the box. Welcome to Carmen Illustrates .  .  .