Everything you'll ever want in a creative resource.

Versatility.  Carmen Illustrates represents the one-stop-shop for creative, imaginative designers. Regardless of the scope, theme, surface or desired impact, Carmen's skill-set encompasses any and all requests.

Depth. Carmen's research and development is often the catalyst for the decorative wall process and is conducted with tremendous sensitivity and respect for your vision. Original concepts are based on any theme from quaint, historical time periods to all encompassing murals to dynamic contemporary expressions.

Team member. Carmen's other talent is listening. Always in step with your vision and here to enrich your original concepts while offering a wide-range of viable options.

"Carmen is one of the most gifted and talented artist I know. She is an asset and compliment to my interior design business. She is compassionate and takes the time to personalize each and every project she adds to her glorious portfolio. The final results always exceed my expectations. She is a pleasure to work with and a genuine treasure . . ." — Kim Creamer, Kim Harvey Creamer Interiors

Quality. Even though Carmen has hundreds of happy clients located across the country, has had multiple appearances on TV home design segments, been featured in high-end home lifestyle magazines and on designer blogs, Carmen's focus is simply on her next project. Looking forward to working together with you, exploring possibilities, pushing envelopes and maintaining delighted clients in the process.

Problem-solver. Problems arise in all aspects of business and Carmen Illustrates is built to handle them. Whether the challenges are rooted in production, scheduling or cost; rest assured, Carmen Illustrates will have solutions to you quickly.

Business model. Carmen's time and energy is best spent on creativity and production. All other issues, especially in reference to scheduling and costs, are handled by her office. This ensures that your project does not experience any unwarranted interruption and you receive the attention to detail you expect.

Swatches and sketches. With hundreds of original swatches to pick from, custom sketches and Carmen's ability to help visualize your ideas, your presentation is now equipped with everything you need to sell original concepts quicker, more easily and at a greater price point.

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Respectful. Simply put, Carmen is great with clients. Her aim is to make certain that the process is a wonderful experience for all. This allows you to breathe easier, knowing that her extensive experience working on multimillion-dollar properties comes second nature to her.  Plus, her work ethic is unmatched, stressing excellent communication, clean working environments and the importance of being on time, every time.

Here for you. Your world is surrounded by walls and ceilings eager to carry your signature. Carmen is ready and looking forward to making that happen.