Bathroom Challenge

Every child deserves a magical space to retreat to and Cortney especially needed a space that would inspire her on a daily basis.  The challenge here had to do with taking a bathroom for a special needs child and elevating it to a more sophisticated, contemporary garden theme that would stimulate visually and keep her engaged, something to ease away the pains and challenges of the day that this sweet girl had to experience way too often. 

Creatively no doubt the focal point of the room was the bath, but the tile backsplash consisted of random spaced colored tiles.  How were we going to alter this and create something captivating?  Solution: Etch the tiles first with Faux Effects Prime Etch, then a coat of gripper to create adhesion, white latex paint, and then paint the mural wall. Most importantly, seal for durability and voila, a totally new focal point! 

Conceptually the backsplash made perfect sense to use the existing spout as part of the fountain.  Nail heads were then painted black and added at the intersections, (another tactile element for Cortney.) The result utilize all the elements but just gave them a makeover, a "make it work moment" as Tim Gunn from "Project Runway" would say.  We are overjoyed with the results and the best reward of all was the look on Cortney's face as she saw her new bathroom for the first time.  Enjoy brave girl, enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.03.30 PM.png
courtney bathroom