Meet Carmen.

Welcome to Carmen Illustrates, your source for custom wall-finishing and mural design, created for people like you, who want to enhance their living and working environments.

Carmen Benoît specializes in creative environments for home decor, children's rooms and commercial spaces. She works directly with homeowners and business-owners, as well as help develop projects for interior designers, architects, and commercial developers.

Design options range from wall finishing and texturing to thematic murals, trompe l'oeil, and three-dimensional artwork. Absolutely any hand-painted technique can be incorporated, from loose and whimsical to fine art detail and photo-realism.

Background: Carmen has been painting since she was a child, winning numerous awards along the way. She furthered her education by receiving a Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University. What came next, and felt natural, was creating textile patterns and art for the clothing industry. And running into Carmen's designs happened frequently. Whether it was seeing women buying her dresses at Lord & Taylor to sitting in a theater, watching Renee Zellweger sport another design as she's romancing Tom Cruise in the film Jerry Maguire; or even on the beach in Hawaii, seeing a couple laying on towels she had designed for the Disney Cruise Lines private label collection.

As exciting as the textile industry proved to be, the direction was not fulfilling enough, leaving Carmen feeling she could do more. More importantly, Carmen was always feeling a bit detached from the end user. So in 1998, she decided to create her own business, Carmen Illustrates, that would allow her to work with people on a personal level to create custom living and working environments. And that decision has proven to be a smart one.

Since she started Carmen Illustrates, Carmen has completed hundreds of decorative finishing and mural projects all over the country. She has been featured numerous times on the home decor segments of Channel 3's Good Morning Arizona show, on international home decor designer blogs and in several high-end lifestyle magazines.

The collaborations Carmen has with her clients on a daily basis are not only fun and challenging, but extremely fulfilling. For her, there is no greater reward than seeing people achieve a greater quality of life through an enriched environment.

Thank you for visiting Carmen Illustrates and please feel free to contact Carmen with any questions you may have. She loves exploring new ideas, concepts and possibilities, so get together with her soon to discuss yours!